It’s a Galaga birthday

IMG_1809 copy

What does a male in his mid-40s want for his birthday?

Yep, Galaga, a vintage arcade game that hit America in the early 1980s. ๐Ÿ™„

We celebrated Scott’s birthday with a prime rib dinner, capped off with cookie dough ice cream cake. Grammy and Ted were in town for the occasion.

IMG_1794 copy

I think there’s 46 candles there?


Friday night we ate atย Prost, a German restaurant in a fun area made out of shipping containers.

Ted made Scott a shadow box of sorts to display a pair of shorts from his Air Force Academy days.

Wait, what? A shadow box for shorts?

Here’s the story of “the shorts”: ย Way back 20+ years ago when we were newlyweds, Scott wore a gross pair of shorts that were falling apart and had holes in the them. I threatened to throw them away, but he sent them to his mom to sew up. She didn’t sew them up, but she did keep them. She recently found them – and lo and behold – a display case with hole-y shorts! ๐Ÿ˜†

Back to Galaga… you can purchase this 3/4 scale size game from Walmart or Amazon. It must be assembled, but with three smart, able-bodied males in our house, it was ready to play in no time.

It has three volumes:
Way too loud

Someone mentioned we needed a dart board and disco ball now. Sounds like obvious choices to round out our basement which now has a massive TV (that my sister said burned her retinas), a sectional couch made for lounging (with outlets, two lazy boys recliners and a chaise lounge), a poker table (which can convert to a “regular” table) and a super comfy beanbag (Christmas present).

The first three items were purchased not long after I wrote this post), because…

  1. Our 10-year-old TV was showing its age.
  2. Our couch was circa 1982 (for reals – it was in my basement growing up).
  3. Who doesn’t need a poker table?


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