Thanksgiving 2019

Thursday, Nov. 28

Thanksgiving dinner was at our house this year – which means…

IMG_1394 copy

steak, salmon, chicken, mashed potatoes, fruit salad, mac-n-cheese, fresh veggies + hummus, rolls, pumpkin pie and ultimate chocolate cake.

IMG_1412 copy

What we’re thankful for this year:

  • Parents and coaches who don’t yell at referees.
  • Kitty litter, 1030 oil and charcoal.
  • Boys that can drive, Dillon’s clicklist, family that makes me laugh, Ali. 🐶
  • Bugs and beetles, slugs and tweetles, stars and sun and moon and tulips that bloom, you and me and we and birds and cottonwood trees.
  • Perros, gatos, mis padres, mis abuelos, mis tíos y tías, mis amigos, basura, y la comida. (Zach is taking Spanish. Translation: Dogs, cats, my parents, my grandparents, my aunts and uncles, my friends, trash and food.)
  • Trash cans, weegee boards (this is a joke – he means Arduino, but Scott calls it ouija board) and good food.

We solved the world’s problems… while Ali guarded us from intruders.

IMG_1391 copy

We played Scattergories…

IMG_1411 copy

hung out…

IMG_1410 copy

looked cool…

IMG_1406 copy

and took naps.

IMG_1402 copy

Friday, we fixed ceiling fans.

IMG_1417 copy

We saw the movie “Ford v Ferrari,” and dusted off the Wii after many years. We laughed at all the miis Zach had made a million years ago and commented on how “old” the graphics looked.

IMG_1422 copy

We laughed at Jim’s Journal.


Saturday, some took a hike.

IMG_5800 copy

Some soldered (a school project I think?), some did online shopping and some finished decorating for Christmas.

IMG_1437 copy

Sunday, we finished off the leftover Thanksgiving dinner. We watched Hallmark Christmas movies, Parks and Rec, The West Wing and the Chiefs game. One person made it to the gym and one person got a haircut. Two people did laundry.

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