Lessons from Ali

Lessons from AliThree months ago, we got a dog. My 11-year old had been begging for one. We made him do research about dogs, attend an animal camp at the local Humane Society, and promise to take care of the dog.

I’m a cat person, so I was kind of “against” the dog. But the 11 year old did everything we asked, and has really stepped up to care for her. And she adores him.

I’ve come to learn some life lessons from our four legged family member.

She’s always happy to see you.

It doesn’t matter if we’ve been gone for five minutes or five hours, she is excited to see us.

Companies and organizations should treat their customers like friends. Be genuinely glad to talk with your customers and listen to them. A little cheerfulness can go a long way.

There’s always something new to see (or smell).

Our dog takes walks daily and we usually take the same routes. It’s nothing she hasn’t seen before. Yet, she is always anxious to get outside to see if there is anything new. Sometimes she goes to the other side of the sidewalk, or even in the street. She checks everything out again, even though she has walked this sidewalk a hundred times.

We usually do the same routine in our work and home lives. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…but how about looking at a “same old” project with new eyes? You’ve done it before, but is there something different you can do?

Reward good behavior.

When our dog sits and stays, we reward her with a special treat. That makes her want to do it again, so she can get the reward, a big hug and our praise.

A little praise can go a long way. And I’m not talking about a treat. When was the last time you publicly praised your team for a job well done? A few kind words and a “job well done” is all it takes.

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