What do Millennials want from your website?

It seems credit unions have been trying to attract the younger crowd for a while now. HubSpot ran an interesting article about what Millennials want from a nonprofit’s website. Although this article is geared towards a charity, you can apply these points to your credit union’s website.

Your website should be current, simple and visual.
In this “real time” world we live in, it’s important to keep your website up to date. According to Millennials (75 percent of them!) an out of date website is one of their biggest pet peeves. If you have a blog or are using social media, keep those up to date too. Simple text and graphics are key to getting your point across quickly. A page loaded with heavy text is a roadblock…consider using infographics, video or images. Stay away from stock photography, and use your own photos.

Explain what you do.
People search online for information. Explain the credit union philosophy and what a credit union is in a prominent place on your website. Recent surveys have shown the majority of young people have no clue what a credit union is. Use words they understand and don’t talk down to them.

Show them the proof with stories.
Use images, testimonials and stories to show how you have helped your members save for something important, get their finances back on track or helped them put their child through college. Sharing your own member’s stories will resonate with young people, and increase awareness of what credit unions do for others. Almost half of Millennials are looking for information about your organization on your website, and they want to hear how your credit union has supported a member or their community.

Connect with them.
You must connect with this crowd to draw them in. Use your stories and show your impact to encourage young people that they want to be involved with an organization that is concerned with helping people, not making a profit. Young people don’t know the world without social media. Use this interactive channel to talk with them, not at them.

Make it easy to give.
Credit unions aren’t charities, but credit unions do invite their members to help support non-profits like Children’s Miracle Network, and local organizations in their community. Is there a way a Millennial can make a donation to a non-profit you support on your website? Or maybe it’s just as simple as having a link to a non-profits donation center. Millennials want an easy way to make a difference.

Are you mobile friendly?
The majority of Millennials, 83 percent, say they own a smartphone and use it to read emails and articles from nonprofits. Young people like mobile-friendly websites and action-oriented headlines that link to more information.

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