Rethink your website

What’s the first page people see when they come across your website? Your homepage? Maybe, but maybe not.

You see, when people are searching for something, like a home loan or free checking account, the search results won’t take that person to your homepage, it will take them to the page with the information that they have searched for.

So, what’s on that page? Valuable consumer tips or an article? A call to action? At the very least there should be contact information. In fact, there should be contact information on every page of your website. Don’t make people work to contact you.

What about the rest of your website? What does your homepage look like? Is it easy to navigate and find information? Or is it cluttered with everything you want people to know about you? Take a look and re-evaluate if necessary.

Review your website content. Is your information stagnant? Is it still relevant? Remove old or unnecessary information.

Do you know what your most viewed pages are? Or top landing pages? Make sure those are up to date first, then move on to other pages of your site.

Are you using social media? Links to those sites, or a running feed, should be on your website. How do you expect people to connect with you if they don’t know you are using these sites?

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