July 8-11 // Rosemary Beach

I could get used to this view. We did have a situation this year. Zach got second degree burns...a total #momfail. He had been taking some medication that made him sensitive to the sun, and it stays in your system for 30 days. He couldn't go out to the beach, or really be outside. 😞 This … Continue reading July 8-11 // Rosemary Beach

July 6 // Rosemary Beach 2018

Headed to Rosemary Beach! First stop - Ali's week-long stay at the pet resort. Dog selfie. Wait - someone is reading an actual paper map? Tulsa, OK. The Golden Driller. Lunch at Whataburger. Next stop...Pine Bluff, AR. Our hotel was attached to a mall. A mall that you might see in a scary movie. The … Continue reading July 6 // Rosemary Beach 2018