July 8-11 // Rosemary Beach

I could get used to this view. We did have a situation this year. Zach got second degree burns...a total #momfail. He had been taking some medication that made him sensitive to the sun, and it stays in your system for 30 days. He couldn't go out to the beach, or really be outside. 😞 This … Continue reading July 8-11 // Rosemary Beach

July 7 // Rosemary Beach

Rural Alabama. We're the lonely car on the road. Our Birmingham friends, Steven and Marley, invited us to eat dinner at their house. So fun to see them again...it had been 20 years! Their house backs up to a river inlet. That night, the boys and Steven and Marley's daughters went "rafting" (like tubing - … Continue reading July 7 // Rosemary Beach