Thanksgiving 2022

I hardly took any pictures this year!

Kid #1 had the week off of school. He arrived home Monday. On Tuesday, we headed north to pick up Kid #2 on our way to Kansas City. Oma also rode up with us.

We dropped Oma off at my sister’s, and went on to Pam’s house. Lisa was there too, as she recently took a job in the Kansas City area. Her ex-husband Jason, also joined us this year.

On Wednesday, all the boys went disc golfing. Wednesday night, the four GenXers went to Swordfish Tom’s, a super cool speakeasy in the Crossroads area. It’s small, intimate and serves delicious gourmet drinks. We arrived there early, and got one of the last remaining tables.

Outside, they have a sign and a red light green light. If the light is red, it means they are full and you’ll have to wait for a table to open up. Green means you can go ahead and knock – someone will be right with you!

I ordered the Roller Derby. Close up of the sign outside the door.

Not the best picture, but it’s the only one we had!

After, we ate dinner at the XR bar inside the Crossroads Hotel.

Thursday, we started the day off with appetizers like cheese, crackers and dips while we prepared for the big Thanksgiving meal. Ted grilled Cornish hens on the grill. We had a turkey in the oven and made macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts and fruit. For dessert, we had ultimate chocolate cake and pumpkin pie.

These are the only two pics I took of food! Apps and my brussel sprouts. Such random things to take pictures of!

We always end up playing Smart Ass when we visit Grammy. We did make a new rule this year: if the older players thought that GenZ wouldn’t know the answer, we could skip it. For example. one answer was “Chuck wagon.” I was pretty sure neither of my kids knew what that was. πŸ˜†

This year, the house was full – including four dogs. Ali, Petey (Ted’s dog) and Sicily and Tanner, Lisa and Jason’s dogs. Ali and Sicily did not get along, so we had to keep them all separated during our visit. There was one incident…

Random picture…

We stopped at the Lone Jack disc golf course on the way home. Of course!

The only other family picture we took…

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