MidSouth Collegiate Open – Jonesboro, AR

We traveled to Jonesboro, AR to watch Kid #2 play in a large regional disc golf tournament. This is the first time to Jonesboro for all of us (including Ali). It’s an 8 hour drive from our house.

The tournament was at Disc Side of Heaven a difficult course and one the pros play. The tournament didn’t play the “gold course,” but you get the drift.

It was cold – with a little bit of leftover snow on the ground from the previous week.

The course is hilly and required a lot of walking. Saturday I clocked 15,000+ steps and nearly 7 miles. Sunday I walked 10,000 steps and 4.5 miles.

There were 146 players and 38 teams in this tournament. Here is Z with some of his teammates.

Our airbnb was pretty cool. It was located in what looked like an old warehouse turned hipster lofts.

We took Ali with us Saturday morning, and then took her back to our Airbnb so she could rest in the afternoon.

The team played both singles and doubles. Here’s a slideshow of Z during the tournament.

A few more pics and posts to share… team dinner and a couple of screenshots from social.

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