ESU move in

Apart from the TV, this is the extent of what “packing for college” means to a Dyer kid. Probably the most important thing you see is the disc golf bag. There’s a tub of extra discs in the trunk of his car, plus a stack still in his room at home.

We went shopping to get all the necessities – like new bedding and towels. Gray seems to be the color of choice.

Obligatory photos before we head out…

When we arrived, we were sent to the Union first, to get keys and room in information. Then we sat in a line of cars waiting for a spot to open up in the unloading zone. The school had large carts available, which made it super nice and easy to unload. We were able to get all his stuff in one trip!

In the elevator…

Outside the dorm…

He has a suite with three other boys, all kids he graduated with, so there’s no roommate surprise. Their suite has a bedroom on each side of the main living area. Each bedroom holds two (and has a sink).

His room is on the fourth floor. We arrived about the same time as everyone else. After unpacking and rearranging the room a bit, we all had lunch together and ended up at Walmart for a few more items (power strip, hooks, a small chair for the living area, food and snacks, hand soap, some storage bins, clothes detergent, etc).

Between the four families, we each brought a major furniture item (couch, table, microwave, refrigerator). We brought the TV.

We didn’t get a picture of all four boys that day, so they took this selfie and sent it to the parents a few days later.

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