San Fran and disc golf

After graduation, we spent a few days at home, then drove up to Kansas City on Sunday so the boys could fly back to San Francisco with Aunt Lisa. Scott and I also attended cousin Jake’s college graduation.

In California, Lisa took them to a couple of disc golf courses including the Golden Gate Disc Golf Course and the DeLaveaga Disc Golf Course in Santa Cruz.

During the trip, there was lots of eating at unique places…

… exploring Big Sur…

… walking on the beach (except it was about 60 degrees. Kinda different from the Florida gulf beaches we are used to.)

… and visiting Coit Tower. Coit Tower was completed in 1933 and offers a 360 degree view of the city, along with hiking trails. This is looking up through the top of the tower.

They drove south on highway 1 to Monterrey to pick up the dogs and Jason’s cat and bring them back to San Francisco.

We were set to drive back up to Kansas City to pick them up at the airport, and swing by a friend’s graduation party, and then get home in time for Zach to go to another graduation party.

On Friday, the airline sent a text that said there could be disruptions to the flight, including cancellations or delays, because of some weather that was supposed to hit Denver (their connecting city). They were offering a free scheduling change and since we didn’t want them stranded in Denver, we changed the flight so the boys flew into Wichita instead of Kansas City.

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