First day of school 2021

Senior year – class of 2022!

This photo was actually taken the third week of school. School started on Aug. 18. The first week was 6 a.m. soccer, so that doesn’t work for a “first day of school picture.” And the second week I just forgot to take a picture.

We’re hoping this school year is more normal than the last two, but unfortunately #COVIDchaos is still “a thing.” There’s no precautions in place this year, except that federal law requires masks to be worn on school buses. There’s no mask mandate inside the school building. No limits on crowds. No social distancing protocols.

COVID-19 has mutated into other strains, and we’re still very much still in a pandemic. While most everything has reopened, our hospitals are now overrun with unvaccinated people. The vaccine does not stop you from getting COVID, but it significantly reduces the severity of it. Reports reveals 95% of people in the hospital with COVID are unvaccinated.

We’re all vaccinated, so crossing our fingers nothing happens.

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