College visit – Emporia State University

Next up on the college front for kid #2 – a visit to Emporia State University.

Located in “disc golf Disneyland“, it made perfect sense that one of the ways you could win swag on this visit was to play disc golf. Out of our group of about 10 students, only my kid was able to land his disc in the basket. I wasn’t fast enough to get a pic… πŸ˜•

Before our campus tour, we listened to the university presentation. I think the only thing that resonated was that there were several references to disc golf in the presentation. The founder of Dynamic Discs (a disc golf shop in town and now an international business) got a degree at Emporia State University.

We toured the campus, which is home to almost 6,000 students and is right near downtown Emporia. The school’s mascot is Corky the Hornet (see the statue in the picture?), and FYI – there are nine Corky statues throughout the campus.

The dorms seemed nice, and we visited several other buildings including the Union, art department and business buildings. Since this was during the summer, several of the buildings were closed.

After the tour, we ate at Do-B’s a local burger joint. It was packed, and after getting our food, we could see why. If you want an authentic burger and fries, this is the place to go.

The boys played a quick round of disc golf on campus, while the rest of us went to a local chocolate store, Sweet Granada. We got a coupon for a free chocolate bar, so, of course we’re going to go get it! We each got several treats – it was hard to decide because there were some many delicious looking options!

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