Back to club soccer

It’s been about a year since I last attended a club soccer game. The last was with Adam in Dallas in mid-February 2020, right before all hell broke loose.

We headed to Kansas City for our first league games. Despite the vaccine rolling out, there’s still lingering issues involving masks and COVID. At first, the county the was requiring the boys to wear masks during active play. I’m all for wearing masks, but during a U18 boys soccer game when they are running on the field? The day before the game, they reversed the decision and while masks are required at the complex, the boys do not have to wearing them during the game.

For a February day in Kansas, the weather was nice. It was around 50 and sunny. A bit windy, but #Kansas.

This was the only action shot I got of Zach. 😐 That’s him in the white with the ball.

We stopped at McDonald’s and inside seating was still closed.

Twelve months later and stores are still requiring masks, encouraging social distancing, have clear plexi dividers at checkout and lots of cleaning supplies available to wipe down stations.

Grocery stores are still out of random items (the latest items have been beef broth and frozen chicken nuggets).

The United States just passed 500,000 COVID deaths, which is a somber reminder of how long we’ve been battling this pandemic. Here’s the latest stats:

  • 117 million cases worldwide
  • 28 million cases in the United States
  • 291,000 cases (and 4,643 deaths) in Kansas
  • 53,000 cases in Sedgwick county

More and more people are getting the vaccine. In our county, it’s available for healthcare works and those 65+ only.

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