Bye bye 2020

We rounded out 2020 quietly, as did half the nation. Celebrations were low-key as many watched the new year roll in sitting on their couches with their families.

The few days after Christmas we Zoomed with the Hilgers, the boys played more disc golf and I caught up with my friends from college on a Facebook video call.

We drove to Kansas City and visited Pam and Ted. We played games (Poker, Clue and Dominoes)…

… and I made a short visit to see my high school friend Suzy. I haven’t seen her in about a year and half. Between us trying to take a picture six feet a part and the fact that we are dressed very similar (white sweater, dark pants and boots), we are trying not to laugh.

The boys played disc golf with Steve and Matthew (did you doubt it?) while I hung out with Sherry in her garage, with masks. We took a walk around the neighborhood, while the garage heaters warmed up the space.

Ali enjoyed the “leash free” life and we walked down to the creek behind Pam’s house. At one point, she walked across the frozen creek, but the ice broke behind her. She realized she was on the opposite side of the creek as all of us, and couldn’t find a way back over the frozen water. She was worried the ice would break. After much coaxing, she finally had enough courage to quickly cross the creek back to us.

We drove back on New Year’s Eve. Adam spent the night at a friend’s house, the rest of us watched Wonder Woman and then tuned into the various TV New Year’s Eve specials. We all made it to midnight. Someone nearby was shooting off fireworks.

It’s evident on social that people have high hopes for 2021, and of course, the “people of the internet” are as humorous as always.

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