Social distancing Friday – Klausmeyer sunflower field

Since COVID-19 seems to be lingering… I’ll still continue my #COVIDchaos posts. We were doing lots of these little trips in the spring during the weekend. When summer arrived, we didn’t get out as much because Ali can’t take the heat. I had the day off… so it seemed like a good time to go.

Visiting a sunflower field is not high on a teenage boy’s priority list. Even worse is when your mom makes you get up early to go see it.

There’s several sunflower fields around our area. Most are less than an hour away. This one was about 30 minutes, and also a pumpkin patch and farm.

I didn’t realize how many bees there would be! So. many. bees. It was sunny and hot πŸ”₯ . (I had wanted to go earlier — but you know, teenagers).

The best time to go is in the evening. We’d be hard-pressed to find a free evening with high school soccer practice. They won’t be in bloom much longer, so time was running out.

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