High school dance


Adam decided he wanted to go to the high school semi-formal. Problem is…he didn’t have anything “semi-formally” to wear.

He’s the same height as Scott, so I made him try on Scott’s suit.

Me: “It fits!”
Adam makes a face: “Yeah, but look how baggy everything is!”

It was… definitely not the “skinny leg, slim cut” style of today’s youth. Off to find something to wear…

Do you know how hard it is to find a nice looking suit for a 5′ 4″ boy who need a slim cut?

We did find something…and $400 later we have suit jacket and pants, two dress shirts, and a bow tie. Success!

He did decide some of dad’s ties were cool…


If only there was something to be done with the hair…


And because I made him send me a picture of him at the dance…


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