Bazaar Cattle Pens

bazaar cattle pens
June 30

Between the boys’ soccer and my work, I travel the I-35 interstate between Wichita and Kansas City at least three times a month. About 15 miles south of Emporia is the Bazaar Cattle Crossing.

I don’t know what intrigues me about this area.

February 20

A couple of years ago, the area was redone and received a nice little facelift. It’s a neat little area for a quick view of the Flint Hills.

Sometimes cattle are there. Sometimes they’re not.

May 30

There’s really “nothing” to see. Prairie. Water. Cattle pens. Sky. Dirt road. Old fence. Sky. Grass. Trees. Rocks.

January 20

For some reason the air seems fresher. Cleaner. Vivid. There’s not a building in sight. No people. No civilization. It’s windy.

March 3

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