Are photos “real” anymore?

#fake #selfie
Are any pictures “real” anymore? Search “selfie app” and you get results like “7 Best Photo Editing Apps to Look Better in Every Selfie” and “5 Apps to Perfect Your Selfie.”  One app’s description reads “The range of tools are plentiful, and includes ‘slimify,’ ‘blemish fix’ and ‘make-up.’

In other words, create a “fake” picture of yourself.

Now, models featured online and in printed magazines are photoshopped, and so are our everyday #selfies.

Are those photos real? We wouldn’t want anyone to see our wrinkles, our sun damaged skin, our muffin top. Because that’s not really us…or is it?

What happens when you look in the mirror? There’s no app for perfecting that reflection.

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