GoldieBlox rocks with smart girls ad

“We would like to use our brains…”

I love this ad. The ad is set to a Beastie Boys song, and the premise behind GoldieBlox is to encourage girls to go into the engineering industry. It basically makes fun of the pink and frilly princess-y girl toys that cram stores. Tea sets. Baby dolls. Feather boas and tiaras.

Not all girls like those things. I know…

Sure I played with dolls and occasionally had a tea party or two. But what I really like were matchbox cars and Tonka trucks. In high school I got a better grade in shop than home economics (and STILL can’t sew on a button). I hate wearing makeup, cooking and cleaning. I would have made the worst 1950s housewife. Ever.

It’s important to young girls to have loftier goals than “becoming a princess.” I think we are on our way encouraging older girls to be smart and successful…now we just need to work on the younger ones.

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