All Aboard. Train Travels

Amtrak trainOur family took our first Amtrak train trip during the Fourth of July holiday. We thought it would be fun to ride the train from Lee’s Summit, MO to St. Louis and back.

The trip was five hours, with six stops in Missouri: Warrensburg, Sedalia, Jefferson City, Hermann, Washington and Kirkwood.

It was fun, and here are a few of my observations of train travel.

At each stop, the train usually stops for only two to three minutes, so you better be ready!

An Amtrak train is nothing like the train in Harry Potter or the Polar Express (a nine-year old’s observation).

Our train traveled between approximately 45-70 miles per hour, depending on where we were, and what was in front of us (like a freight train). The mph was determined by a free app I downloaded…I’m not sure how accurate it is.

Train seats have more room than airplane seats.

Rural Missouri

I was looking forward to looking out the window at the scenery, but most of the time the tracks were flanked by trees on both sides. We did get a few breaks to see the Missouri countryside. I have heard that other routes are better, especially ones that go through the mountains.

It’s nice that you can walk around on the train, and there’s room to do so. Although be advised, it can be a little tricky walking between the train cars while the train is moving.

Train food is not the best. Next time we’ll bring our own food. But to be fair, trains aren’t known for their gourmet cuisine.

The power outlets at every seat is a major plus.

Just as in any service industry, people can make all the difference. A fun train conductor can sure make a mundane stop seem exciting!

Would we take the train again? Probably, but maybe for a shorter trip next time. Although it’s not the fastest way to travel, it is cheaper than flying, and does take a few cars off the already busy highways.

2 thoughts on “All Aboard. Train Travels

  1. Your train ride sounds very interesting! I live in KS also, and about 2 years ago, I took a short train ride in the country. I found it very relaxing.. =)
    I enjoyed your post.

    1. Thanks for reading Melissa! We didn’t have time to take a long vacation this summer, but still wanted to do something we’ve never done.

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