Credit Unions are High Profile in New York. Are They in Your Town?

Although this post is geared towards credit unions, the point is that when there is a national push, or national news related to our brand or product, use it as a catalyst to increase awareness locally. 

An ad promoting the credit union difference and the asmarterchoice website began about two weeks ago in Times Square. [view video via Credit Union Times]

The Credit Union National Association has arranged for the message to run hourly on the iconic CBS Screen on famed 42nd Street through July 4, a location that more than 450 million people pass through annually, and some 60,000 cars drive through daily.

This is a great opportunity for your credit union to raise awareness locally. While most credit unions can’t afford a billboard in Times Square, there are other public relations opportunities you CAN do, for relatively no cost.

  • Last week was Credit Union Youth Week. Mention the importance of financial literacy at an early age, and what your credit union is doing to ensure kids are smart about money.
  •  It’s almost graduation time. College debt has reached an average of $24,000. Do you have tips for graduates or families to wrangle out of control student loans? Or did your credit union help a student who was in over their head? These types of stories are always peak a journalist’s interest.
  • News of consumer saving is still top of mind. One in four Americans have more credit card debt than savings. Use this as a way to tout your workshops and programs for your members and in the community.
  • Most credit unions are already active in their communities, and support local efforts and projects. This is a great time to take on additional community projects or attend more networking events. Your staff might be your greatest asset, and by putting them out in the community, they can help bring in new members, or foster the relationships of current members.

Raising awareness about credit unions is key to the health of the credit union industry. Elevating credit unions in the minds of consumers is not something that happens overnight. It’s a continuous effort that relies on all credit unions and all credit union leaders.

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