Clean and Green

I’ve joined the green movement. I’ve decided that it really doesn’t take much effort to help our environment, especially if you make small changes throughout the year. Here’s what I am doing to “save the earth.”

I use canvas bags. I have about eight of them, and two drawstring cloth product bags so I don’t have to tear off those annoying plastic bags that are hard to open. The only annoying thing about using canvas bags? Some grocery baggers do not bag them efficiently, and do not fill them to their capacity.

We have changed all of our light bulbs to energy efficient bulbs. Sure, they are more expensive, but we didn’t change them all at once. We waited until a bulb burned out, and replace it with an energy efficient bulb.

We recycle anything and everything we can. Our trash service offers curbside recycling pickup, but only takes a few items. I use a private company that picks up my recyclables twice a week: corrugated cardboard, cardstock, office paper, junk mail, newspaper and magazines, all plastics, glass, tin and aluminum cans, and even paperback books and batteries! It costs a little extra each month, but it’s worth it. We recycle a lot, and sometimes our trash bin only has one bag of trash in it.

I buy local produce from the Farmers Market. This is a win-win for everybody. I’m supporting local farmers and growers, and home grown produce tastes way better than produce from the grocery store.

I ride my bike. OK, I’ll admit, I don’t ride it all that much. Not because I don’t want to, but because I usually have the boys with me. But when I can, I ride to the Farmer’s Market or to the YMCA. My husband is the cyclist in the family. He tries to ride at least once a week to work, weather permitting. Not only is it good for the environment, it’s great exercise.

I”m attempting to make some of my own cleaners. So far it’s only been glass cleaner, but it’s a start. Like the light bulbs, I wait until I run out of a cleaner I have already purchased, then fill a clean bottle with a cleaner I’ve made from natural ingredients.

I reuse file folders and I use both sides of the printer paper. Just turn it over and run it through again.

I doesn’t take much to make a difference. Take baby steps. Next year, I’m going to plant a garden, and maybe add composting. Remember, every little bit helps.

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