Buena Vista, CO: summer 2020 trip, social distancing edition

This summer, we had planned to go New York City. Given the state of the COVID-19 pandemic 😷 , New York being the epicenter at one point, Broadway shows cancelled through September, and the Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building still closed, we cancelled our trip. Instead, we planned an "outdoor activity trip" in … Continue reading Buena Vista, CO: summer 2020 trip, social distancing edition

How to go to the doctor in June 2020

Since March, any non-essential doctor's appointments were cancelled. For our family, that was one orthodontist appointment, two eye doctor appointments, a dermatologist appointment and Scott's appointment to get his shoulder looked at. The past few weeks, we were able to reschedule orthodontist, dermatologist and optometrist appointments. Each medical office asked the same three questions before … Continue reading How to go to the doctor in June 2020

#COVIDchaos weeks 13-14

June 1-13As of June 13, there were 7.4 million cases worldwide, 2.1 million in the U.S, 11,047 in Kansas and 715 in Sedgwick County. The U.S. is opening up after 13 weeks of stay-at-home orders, drive-thru only, working from home, virtual school, and toilet paper shortages. I'll probably stop writing my weekly posts, since things … Continue reading #COVIDchaos weeks 13-14

Summer prom

Lots of things were cancelled during the pandemic, including prom, which is disappointing to some certain high school students. You may remember we had ordered Adam's tux on March 14, before "stay-at-home orders" became part of our regular vocabulary. We never did pick it up - because, ya know, coronavirus. The store was not an … Continue reading Summer prom

#COVIDchaos week 12

May 26 - May 31 This week, the Governor pulled back her original "phased in reopening plan" and decided to leave it up to each individual county to ease restrictions. Several counties, (including ours) lifted all restrictions and opened everything up without limitations on capacity. While the county has suggested recommendations, there is nothing enforceable. … Continue reading #COVIDchaos week 12