Smitten with Bernie’s mittens

In the days following the inauguration of Joe Biden, this picture of Bernie Sanders became a cultural phenomena. More to come on that. I've only watched two presidential inaugurations (at least that I can remember). Barack Obama in 2009 and Donald Trump in 2017. I experienced opposite emotions while watching those two inaugurations. The 2021 … Continue reading Smitten with Bernie’s mittens

Because, Internet will explain why you text the way you do

Nerd alert. I just read Because Internet: Understanding the New Rules of Language, and now I know why my teens made fun of me for using punctuation in texts. I also learned that typography has a tone of voice, punctuation can be ironic and periods can be passive aggressive. New technologies (like the internet or … Continue reading Because, Internet will explain why you text the way you do

Marketing generalist – not a hot marketing job

Our communications roles have changed, as have our job titles. Our marketing team of three has two of these "hottest jobs." But that leaves one of us, me, as just a "marketing generalist." Should I be worried? As reports, "The company stands to gain a much better marketer who understands the big picture, and who … Continue reading Marketing generalist – not a hot marketing job

Create value often

This originally appeared on It is written for credit unions, but the advice can be used for any organization. I attended a conference last month and one of the speakers said this: “Create more value for more people more often, so when it’s time to choose, they choose you.” This couldn’t be more true. This … Continue reading Create value often