Top 5 Hottest Jobs in Marketing

Our communications roles have changed, as have our job titles. Our marketing team of three has two of these "hottest jobs." But that leaves one of us, me, as just a "marketing generalist." Should I be worried? As reports, "The company stands to gain a much better marketer who understands the big picture, and who … Continue reading Top 5 Hottest Jobs in Marketing

Create Value Often

This originally appeared on It is written for credit unions, but the advice can be used for any organization. I attended a conference last month and one of the speakers said this: “Create more value for more people more often, so when it’s time to choose, they choose you.” This couldn’t be more true. This … Continue reading Create Value Often

#PRFail: If You Are Doing These Things In Your PR Efforts, You Are Doing It Wrong

This article first appeared on If you are doing these things in your public relation efforts, you are doing it wrong: Using long words when a short one will do. We don’t “utilize” something…we use it. A longer, more complicated word slows down the reader and makes them work harder to understand. Make your … Continue reading #PRFail: If You Are Doing These Things In Your PR Efforts, You Are Doing It Wrong

Emojis: Use in Moderation

Using emojis is fun, but they can quickly escalate into an addiction. It starts out as an emoji here and there in texts. Then you add them to your Facebook posts. And then emails. One smiley face turns into the "laughing so hard I'm crying" face. Then it’s the dancing girls and the dog face and the … Continue reading Emojis: Use in Moderation