#COVIDchaos – back to remote learning

Welp. Our hybrid in-person learning lasted nine weeks. When we went back to school after our six month "spring break" (after a three week delay), our area's COVID positivity rate was around 5%. Now it's over 20%. We will be learning remotely until at least Thanksgiving, and then reassess the situation. Update Nov. 24: At … Continue reading #COVIDchaos – back to remote learning

2020 high school soccer season

Our high school soccer season ended with a heartbreaking loss during our regional games. In an overtime game against our district rival, we lost by one goal Sounds about right for the year 2020... 😩 We had hoped to make it to state for the third year in a row, but are happy the boys … Continue reading 2020 high school soccer season

October snow

What the what? It's October 26 and the "feels like" temperature outside is 12 degrees. There's snow on the ground and we got our first snow day ... sorta.How does a snow day work when kids only "got to school" two days a week? You get an email from the school that says "...students scheduled … Continue reading October snow

#COVIDchaos – how to go to a school sporting event in 2020

Remember in 2019 how easy it was to attend a school sporting event? You might buy a school pass or pay at the gate. You picked up a roster and went and sat in the stands. You might go to the concession stand, and after the game, you could go onto the field and congratulate … Continue reading #COVIDchaos – how to go to a school sporting event in 2020

Senior night 2020

Welp. There's a high school senior in the house. Years ago, it seemed like a long way off, but like the saying goes, "the days are long but the years are short." My dad took the picture above during the game. That's my senior, standing on the sidelines by the coach. With the sunset, it's … Continue reading Senior night 2020