Stop Reinventing The Wheel and Other Advice for Marketers

I was recently included in this Financial Brand post: What Financial Marketers Should Stop Doing Now. Here is my advice: Stop reinventing the wheel. See a cool idea? Take the basics, eliminate what you don’t like or what won’t work for your organization, change it up a bit, and make it your own. Innovative ideas come … Continue reading Stop Reinventing The Wheel and Other Advice for Marketers

Instagram Does Not Make You a Great Photographer

I love Instagram. It's a free app that enhances photos you take with your iPhone. It's a fun way to share your photos. That's it. Some people are arguing that this little app turns ordinary pictures into "works of art." And that it cheats people into thinking you are a great photographer. Specifically, that it … Continue reading Instagram Does Not Make You a Great Photographer

Happy Birthday Kansas!

Happy Birthday Kansas! A few of my favorite photos...favorite places. Above and below are at the Keeper of the Plains, Wichita. Oak Park, Wichita Fountains at Riverside Park, Wichita Train Museum, Wichita Somewhere in the Gypsum Hills Apple Pickin', Steffen Orchard Middle of nowhere

Frost in Wichita

We woke up January 13 inside a black and white Ansel Adams photo. Wichita was covered with hoarfrost: (an unfortunate name) fernlike ice crystals directly deposited on snow, ice or already frozen surfaces (from Wikipedia). Arch at Oak ParkTrees at Oak ParkTree on the riverFrost on branches

A Year in Photos

My favorite photos from 2009. These photos are not favorites because they are the best, but because they captured our everyday life. Some were taken with my point and shoot, some with my super-duper cool Nikon and some were even taken with my BlackBerry.  These pictures have not been "fixed," except maybe cropping. You can … Continue reading A Year in Photos