Pet peeve #27: “Happy holidays from [insert company name]”

*Bah humbug alert* There's a standard holiday greeting procedure that needs to stop: The generic business holiday e-card greeting. I'm specifically talking about a holiday greeting via e-mail, because let's face it, there's not a lot of organizations who still send an actual card. I'm not talking about retail holiday emails either, with coupons, "e-cash," … Continue reading Pet peeve #27: “Happy holidays from [insert company name]”

Flexible work is key

It wasn't that long ago when organizations were offering perks like gum memberships, Friday afternoon beers and on-site massages to keep the best talent. Or that a higher salary was the key to landing the best workers. Not so anymore. There's something else that American workers want more...flexible work options. Younger generations, Millennials and Gen … Continue reading Flexible work is key

Hellvetica v. Helvetica

Creative people can be so fun! Take this...a couple of designers created a new typeface based on the popular Helvetica typeface. Except this will make designers scream. 😱 It's aptly named Hellvetica. The designers cleverly changed just enough spacing between the letters to make even the easygoing communicators go insane. Even the branding guidelines are … Continue reading Hellvetica v. Helvetica

No surprise marketing leaders are burning out faster

Earlier this year, I declared that marketing is exhausting. Now it's a proven fact! Well, not exactly, but AdWeek reports marketing officers tenures are getting shorter and shorter due to many factors, including high expectations. "Another reason for the trend could be related to what Welch called “inflated expectations” for CMOs as brands seek unicorn candidates … Continue reading No surprise marketing leaders are burning out faster